Fredrik Andersson

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One of the driving forces behind one of the leading Tile Chain Stores in Sweden; Kakeldax AB. Fredrik was the Marketing Director and Chief Executive Officer. The Company started with two stores in the year 2001.Fredrik was one of the founders and in 2007 the company was sold to the Norwegian Investment Company; NTH A/S.
Before that Fredrik was Information Technology Sales Director in the Retail Industry.
As of today Fredrik thru his Investment Company is a partner in Megakakel and Greenwings Partners. He brings all his entrepreneurial knowledge into our new business venture, GreenWings.

Nils Pihlblad

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Nils has a background as an Engineer in Media Technology from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm Sweden. Thru his Media Company; Neducation Media AB as Manager and Creative Director, his team developed digital applications for vision impaired users.
In the 1980’s Nils operated several Dive Centers in the Maldives which he owned for almost 10 years and sold successfully.
He is a Technical Dive Instructor. He also owned a Dive and Adventure Store in Stockholm Sweden.
Nils passion has been in Aviation and for the last 10 years he has Specialized in Business Aviation and Environmental friendly Air Travel.
He has followed the birth of the HondaJet and is very proud to be in the GreenWings  Team offering a new green way of private air travel. He is a Pilot since 20 years.

Markus Mayer
Aviation Advisor/Sales

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Currently Markus Mayer is the Area Sales Director Europe for RUAG Aviation Switzerland. A Company with more than 8000 employers worldwide. His tasks are Client Relationship Management and Acquisition for life support services of airborne defence systems including: Maintenance, Repair and Component Enhancement.
Markus was previously the Sales Director of HondaJet Scandinavia.
He was also the Director of Business Development and Aircraft Management at TAG Aviation Switzerland. Markus worked on Client Acquisition, Key Account Management, Aircraft Management, Project Management and Process Engineering. He is a Commercial Pilot and a Flight Instructor.

Mats Plånborg
Business Developer/Sales

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He was in the starting block for his own franchise in “Car Appearance & Restyling” business when an opportunity reopened to pursue his lifelong dream. Devoted only 18 months later he became a Commercial Pilot.

Present he is working with aviation, as an administrator and private tuition teacher at Flygteoriskolan in Västerås, Sweden. That offers theoretical aviation training for all levels of licenses, both for helicopters and airplanes.

Recently he is also a very proud and dedicated member of the GreenWings team

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